Friday, August 13, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again...

Well, back in business anyway. Sort of. After many months of delay, we finally have some plants for sale at the Astoria Co op.

"What, now?" I hear you say. "When summer is almost over?"

Aside from the fact that we have barely had a summer this year, this is the perfect time to get a late crop of leafy greens- lettuce, chard, kale- planted in you garden. No doubt the lettuce and other greens you planted at the beginning of the season are fading, and it's a good time to just harvest the lot of them, compost what's left of the plants and start fresh. The new plants will grow beautifully through late summer and autumn, and if winter isn't too harsh, and if you maybe give them a wee bit of protection when it gets super cold, you should be able to enjoy fresh greens pretty much through winter.

Mostly I'm just amazed that we managed to finally get the plants grown and get them to the store- it was flabbergasting how complicated it seemed to be to get one plant display put together with six flats of plants. When I think about what we used to do every weekend:

Whew. We'll have to get back in shape for next year.

I'll be bringing in extra plants this weekend as Saturday is Co op member discount day. There should be lots of people around to try and convince that it really isn't too late to plant greens.

It's fun to have plants for sale again. Even just while we were setting up the display, I had several great conversations with people who were asking about growing edible plants on the coast in the fall and winter, and it was so easy to slip back into Farm Girl mode and talk growing. I miss that.

So if you are in the area, and in need of a few leafy greens to fill out your fall garden, stop by the Astoria Co op soon- we don't have that many plants, and you should get them planted soon so their roots can get settled in for the coming season.

I'll leave you with a lovely bit of Farm Porn that I spotted the other day:

Note the black aphids, which is what I wish they were working on instead of each other. Still, if it all results in more ladybugs around the place, I guess it's ok.

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